About us
METRACE.COM is the business portal of the German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC). METRACE stands for Middle East Trade Center.

The website consists of two main parts:
  1- Online companies’ data bank:
The company databank is a platform for business matchmaking or attracting new customers. Currently, more than 5,000 companies mainly from Egypt, the Middle East and Europe are listed with comprehensive product/service information and data of member.
2- Online recruitment center:
Because hiring qualified personnel in Egypt is a difficult and time consuming issue, GACIC developed its online recruiting center METRACE as a platform to bring companies and jobseekers together. We offer several options for companies to assist them in recruiting qualified staff. Candidates can register there without any fees.

What makes GACIC’s recruiting service unique?

  • Over 55 years experience in Egypt
    The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) is a business support organization, existing in Egypt since 1951. GACIC is the centre of Egyptian and German contacts. Its primary goals are to promote trade and enhance business cooperation between Germany and Egypt. GACIC is part of the huge German business community in Cairo and well connected with German, Egyptian and multinational companies.

  • Excellent service
    We care about our customers. Professional and individual services for companies, but as well for applicants are guaranteed. Companies can be advised how to advertise in the most efficient way; applicants can be provided with assistance how to apply and present themselves the best possible way.

  • Wide variety of services
    For companies we offer a wide variety of services to support them hiring qualified candidates. In close cooperation we will find the most efficient way to be successful in the recruiting process. For detailed information about our options please click here.  Also, individual solutions based on the specific needs of the customer can be found.

  • Qualified candidates
    We care about the quality of our candidates. We are looking for specifically qualified candidates with the necessary skills needed on the market. Since we are connected with the German schools and the German University as well as other German institutions in Cairo, many of our candidates do have a German language/educational background.

  • Close to our customers
    By attending relevant employment fairs, we enlarge our database further with regard to specific target groups.

  • Easy, fast and efficient
    Our online based system has been created to be easy, fast and efficient – for companies as well as for applicants.  Advertisements from companies will usually be published online the next working day. Accordingly, companies will find applications within days.
    Applicants fill out the registration form and receive their access data immediately – online.