At MeTrace, we provide comprehensive warehousing solutions to meet your storage and distribution needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with advanced technology and expert management, ensure the safe and efficient handling of your inventory.

Modern Infrastructure

Our warehouses are equipped with the latest technology, including Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), RFID tracking, and CCTV surveillance. With temperature-controlled zones and secure storage areas, we maintain optimal conditions for your goods.


Range of Services

  • Storage Solutions: From short-term storage to long-term warehousing, we offer flexible storage options tailored to your inventory needs.
  • Inventory Management: Our WMS enables real-time inventory tracking, ensuring accurate stock management and minimizing the risk of stockouts or overstocking.
  • Order Fulfillment: We provide pick, pack, and ship services, streamlining the order fulfillment process and ensuring timely delivery to your customers.
  • Value-added Services: In addition to storage and distribution, we offer value-added services such as kitting, labeling, and repackaging to meet your specific requirements.

Strategic Locations

Our strategically located warehouses provide easy access to major transportation hubs, minimizing transit times and reducing shipping costs. Whether you need local distribution or global reach, our network of warehouses ensures efficient logistics management.


Customer Success Stories

Discover how our warehousing solutions have helped clients optimize their supply chain:

  • Uniqlo: Reduced storage costs and improved inventory visibility with our customized warehousing solutions.
  • Arvind Ltd: Streamlined order processing and improved order accuracy, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • ASICS: Expanded their market reach and improved delivery times by leveraging our strategically located warehouses.


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Stay informed every step of the way with our real-time tracking system, allowing you to monitor your shipment's progress from pickup to delivery.

Safety and Security

Safety is our top priority. Our warehouses adhere to strict safety protocols and undergo regular inspections to ensure compliance with industry standards. With 24/7 surveillance and controlled access, we provide a secure environment for your inventory.

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Our warehouses accommodate a wide range of goods, including but not limited to consumer goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, perishable items, and industrial equipment. We tailor our storage solutions to meet the specific requirements of your inventory.

We prioritize safety and security in our warehouses. Our facilities are equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras, access control systems, and fire suppression systems to safeguard your inventory. Additionally, our staff undergoes regular safety training to mitigate risks and ensure a safe working environment.

Yes, we offer comprehensive inventory management and order fulfillment services. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables real-time inventory tracking, while our order fulfillment capabilities include pick, pack, and ship services. We streamline the entire process to ensure accurate and timely delivery of orders.